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Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coil 5pcs

The Aspire Nautilus BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Replacement Coil is the original Nautilus Coils compatible with Nautilus Tank Series, available in 0.3ohm, 0.4ohm, 0.7ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm coil.
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The Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coil is the original Bottom Vertical Coil compatible with the Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, Nautilus 2, Nautilus 2S, Nautilus GT, Nautilus AIO, Plato and Triton Mini. Adopting revolutionary vertical coil design for long-lasting vaping, the Nautilus Coil is available in 0.4ohm, 0.7ohm, 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm coil to deliver satisfying DTL or MTL vaping.

Quick Links:
Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank

Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil Compatibility:
  • Aspire Nautilus 3²² Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus GT Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank
  • Aspire Nautilus AIO Kit ((0.7ohm Nautilus BVC Coil is not compatible)
  • Aspire BOXX Pod (Nautilus)
  • Aspire Nautilus Prime Pod (Nautilus)
  • Aspire Nautilus Prime X Pod (Nautilus)
  • Aspire Triton Mini Tank
  • Aspire Mulus Pod Kit
  • Aspire Plato Kit
  • Aspire Zelos Kit

Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil Features:
  • For Nautilus Tank Series
  • Innovative Bottom Vertical Coil Technology
  • 0.3ohm Nautilus Mesh Coil (23 - 28W)
  • 0.4ohm Nautilus BVC Coil (23 - 28W)
  • 0.7ohm Nautilus BVC Coil (18 - 23W)
  • 0.7ohm Nautilus BVC Mesh Coil (20 - 25W)
  • 1.0ohm Nautilus Mesh Coil (13 - 15W)
  • 1.6ohm Nautilus BVC Coil (7 - 11W)
  • 1.8ohm Nautilus BVC Coil (10 - 14W)
  • 1.8ohm Nautilus BVC NS (Nic Salts) Coil (10 - 12W)
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Long Coil Lifespan
  • Threaded Coil Installation

Package Includes:
  • 5 x Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coil

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