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Presale Policy

What is Presale?

Presale is the promising products that soon will be available on market. We make close cooperation with many manufacturers. When a new product is launched, we usually offer the Presale option. Since the Presale products are not available yet, please be aware that finished version of Presale products may have slight difference on appearance or specs from the prototypes that factory offers.

Why should I purchase Presale products at ALIVAPE?

As you know, products in Presale will be the newest and hottest ones with innovative technology on the market that you can get an earlier taste. The first batch of the new product is always served with limited quantity, by placing a Presale order, you will be among the first of our customers to receive the brand new product, and you are guaranteed to get it shortly once it comes in stock.

Can you guarantee the Presale products will be available on the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)?

Sorry, no ETA on Presale products. Because the manufacturer also can not 100% guarantee the actual arrival date, even they offer us an ETA after we placed the order to them. The first batch of Presale products sometimes may be delayed for some reasons, in other words, it is quite possible and common that pre-order products are delivered later than expected. We kindly hope your understanding that all Presale products are offered without ETA. We can not guarantee the date of shipment, but we can ensure you we will pay extra work on the delivery as soon as we get the Presale products in stock.

How are Presale products shipped?

For Presale products, shipment is arranged based on payment sequence mainly, First Paid, First Shipped. Also shipment of Presale products always stands on top. We will ship the Presale products to you as soon as possible, as you want to get the Presale products as soon as possible.

What if my Presale products not be filled?

We can not guarantee all the Presale products can be filled in first batch, that sometimes the manufacturer may short ships our order. In this case, we will prioritize the Presale products based on the payment sequence (First Paid First Shipped). We will then have to cancel and refund your Presale products that can not be filled in first batch. We are not responsible to offer any compensation for pre-orders that we are unable to fill caused by the manufacturer factors.

Is it possible to change or cancel a Presale product?

Of course, we have 7 Days Money Back Guarantee! Please contact us to change or cancel the Presale product within 7 days after your order placed.

Can I add Presale and in-stock products to one order to be shipped together?

Yes. The Presale products can be added with in-stock products in shopping cart, but the order will be shipped out when all the items are available. We highly recommend that you place a separate order for Presale products, so we can ship them separately if you want to get the in-stock products earlier.

When will the Presale products be changed to regular in-stock items?

Actually it depends on the manufacturer capacity on the Presale products, may range from days to months according to history. If any change about the availability of Presale items, you can add the Presale items to your wishlist to get any update in time.

We are always here to help!

If you have further question on Presale products, please contact us online or drop us en email to with the details of your Presale products, we will do our best to help. Also any advice/thought is greatly appreciated.

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